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Industry name translation
广告、文化、设计服务     Advertising, culture and design services
学校、教育、培训机构     Schools, education and training institutions
五金、设备、工业制品     Hardware, equipment, industrial products
门窗、卫浴、灯光照明      Doors and windows, bathroom, lighting
IT、软件、互联网             It, software, Internet
化工、原材料、环保         Chemical industry, raw materials, environmental protection
建筑建材、能源、科技      Building materials, energy, science and technology
运输、房产、物业管理      Transportation, real estate and property management
金融、投资、理财保险      Finance, investment, financial management and insurance
工商、法律、知识产权      Industry and commerce, law and intellectual property
休闲、娱乐、生活服务      Leisure, entertainment and life services
服装饰品、鞋帽箱包         Clothing accessories, shoes, hats, luggage
医疗、保健、医药仪器      Medical, health care and medical instruments

装修、装饰、室内设计      Decoration, decoration and interior design
摄影、婚礼、婚庆策划      Photography, wedding and wedding planning
数码、家具、家居百货      Digital, furniture, home department store
食品饮料、蔬果、茶酒      Food and beverage, fruits and vegetables, tea and wine
政府部门、机构组织         Government departments, institutions and organizations
餐饮、酒店、旅游服务      Catering, hotel and tourism services
汽车、汽配、汽车服务      Automobile, auto parts, automobile service
农业畜牲、种植养殖         Agricultural livestock, planting and breeding
体育、健身、运动器材      Sports, fitness and sports equipment
礼品、玩具、小商品          Gifts, toys, small commodities
企业集团、工作室、个人   Enterprise groups, studios and individuals
家政、保洁、月嫂服务       Housekeeping, cleaning and sister-in-law services
SUQi is committed to assisting companies in completing digital transformation and upgrading, providing industry-wide solutions such as e-commerce, new retail, community group buying, online education, event marketing, and brand marketing. Support global omni-channel public domain marketing and private domain marketing, and help Chinese enterprises to globalize and foreign businessmen to enter China.
Greater China business
Worldwide business
Corporate Services
China Legal Advisory Service
China Financial Advisory Service
Register a company in China
Chinese Market consulting
Chinese companies going overseas
logo design service
UI design service
Corporate Image Design Consultation
Corporate Strategy Consulting
International logistics cooperation
Investment and financing services
VI design service
Packaging and Printing Service